bitter sweet

Snowflakes. 1 Degree. It was a very weird feeling to pack my bag and go to the rehearsal today.

The Corona lockdown is still going on in Berlin and I barely move outside of my flat, my street and my neighborhood. This morning, we finally started our rehearsals for our project „1/0/1 robots“. After we started this process 2 years ago and we had to reschedule the whole project from September 2020 to February 2021.

It´s bitter-sweet because all of us want to rehearse, make theatre, meet, think together, let our thoughts travel together. But of course the anxiety is real.

What’s also part of the situation is that we can not reschedule again. The cultural office of Berlin that is part of our funding needs to finish their annual budget plan of 2020. So either we produce something now or we lose 40 % of our fees which would impact the whole team too. So having this in mind, I drove my bike to the rehearsal space, happy and blessed on the one side, on the other side afraid and questioning at the same time.

„1/0/1 robots“ started with thoughts about gender and robots. Is it now only about that?